Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Today's Celebrity Gossip


Late King of Pop Michael Jackson was ''''never satisfied'''' with his music, singer-and-producer Akon has revealed.
Akon said: "He was never satisfied. Like, we might have passed up ideas that I know for a fact were smashes. He''d be like, ''Nah, nah - we got to come up with something better.''
“We can never do better because his expectation was so high. It was almost to a point where we would have to get a record and I would believe in it and just put it out, because otherwise it would never come out because he always believed we could do better."
Akon added that Michael was determined and focussed on his work, reports Contactmusic.
He said: "A lot of our memories in the studio is a lot about work, because he was so focused on trying to get the right material out that we didn''t really play around. Like, we talked, but we rarely joked, because at that moment, regardless of what we were doing it''s like, ''Lets get serious and really do what we came here to do.'' "
The 32-year-old said he and Michael worked well together because they had similar song-writing styles.
He explained to MTV News: "It was all about the melody, ''cause we both were melody guys. Everything started with the melody. We both would hum the melody and try to create the biz around it."


Jennifer Aniston has said no to Botox after her first surgery left her face frozen.
The former Friends star, who has previously confessed to having the skin-smoothing injections once before, but didn't like the results, hates how it takes the character from people's faces and leaves them expressionless, Contactmusic reports.
She told HollyScoop.com : "You see women and you know they''re not young but you can''t tell how old they are. It makes them look harder.
"The warmth in their face goes away. It is not a good look."


Actress Demi Moore will join husband Ashton Kutcher on stage for a 24-hour Broadway marathon next month.
Kutcher was among the first movie stars to sign up for the ninth annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway at the American Airlines Theatre and now Moore will be joining him, reported imdb.com
The Hollywood couple joins Amber Tamblyn, Billy Crudup, Emily Mortimer and Emmy Rossum, among others, for the event, which raises cash for the Urban Arts Partnership.
The stars will collaborate on a series of plays, which are written, rehearsed and performed in 24 hours.

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