Thursday, 19 November 2009

Actress Bacall won Oscar

Honorary Oscar won actress Bacall
Hollywood actress Bacall is a very intellegent and popular actress. She was won Honorary Oscar prize.
Bacall was nominated for an Oscar in 1996 Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall received an honorary Oscar at the weekend in front of stars including Jack Nicolson and Warren Beatty.
Bacall, 85, starred in more than 30 films but never won an Academy Award. "I can't believe it - a man at last," Bacall joked as she received the lifetime achievement statuette.
Saturday's event marked the first time the Academy has presented an award away from the main ceremony in February. It was not televised.
Bacall paid tribute to her husband and fellow actor Humphrey Bogart, who died in 1957.

"He gave me a life and he changed my life," she said of the Hollywood legend".

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